Inticoin Project - Software Development

The Qolkrex Foundation implements development work that drives the advancement and adoption of decentralized software protocols for we support projects and companies that want to join these protocols.

We are particularly interested in implementing projects and companies that contribute more nodes to our new Inticoin network.

Inticoin LAB

The Qolkrex Foundation will soon be able to fund research projects that advance and explore protocols in the Inticoin project. We are particularly interested in the following areas:

• Benchmarking.
• DeFi projects.
• NFT's projects.
• Traceability in various areas.
• Security tests.

We ask that you continue to support our foundation and we will continue to move forward.

The Qolkrex Foundation will reward community members with INTI in proportion to their collaboration.

Networks accepted:

Reception address:
LTC: LMhLjdiwydPLv8PS6dTBKodxpxxsuwC641
DOT: 14mBwdA6LFfmMuop1VUReawrLLVZjjqsvccQarT83CCuU8qL
KSM: GLWTcEu6qRDg2cjpZEUQPUhdJn9r76vJVifpDjixuPt2oGD

The current capital flow of the Qolkrex Foundation remains stable, but we also appreciate the help of our community members, so that Qolkrex can grow even faster and stronger. Qolkrex promises all members of the community that the funds will be used to develop more blockchain technologies and build the Inticoin ecosystem. We will update the community regularly.
Once again, on behalf of the Qolkrex team, the Qolkrex Foundation would like to extend our sincere thanks to our community for the collaborations.

Qolkrex Foundation: August 2021

If the contribution is in FIAT please contact us at if you wish to join the support scheme.