Inticoin: Qolkrex flagship project

IntiCoin is a project in development that will use UTXO security while enabling multiple virtual machines, including EVM and ARM VM. It is based on PoS and has a Decentralized Governance Protocol (DGP) that allows modifying specific blockchain configurations through the use of smart contracts.

Firualix: First tests

The project is executed to cover a large segment of the animal sector, which are the case of: Civil registry per animal, promoting and facilitating adoption, pedigree traceability, traceability of animal feed, location of lost animals, etc.

Qolkrex School: Online Courses

Blockchain fundamentals courses including decentralization, cryptography, mining, smart contracts, and consensus.

We will have our trainings shortly.

Qolkrex Summit: An annual event for all members of the Qolkrex movement

Qolkrex Summit provides a platform and occasion to unite community members who support the Qolkrex vision.

We will soon have our annual Qolkrex associated projects event.

Geniocron: Promoting technology, love of the country and good habits

Is a project dedicated to enhancing the skills of children, developing their IQ and motor skills making them geniuses.

Soon we will be informing about this project.


Company dedicated to promoting environmental protection by creating plastic products to replace wood.

Soon we will be informing about this project.

Interested in joining the team to research, support and launch these projects?

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If youre:

• Frontend, backend or Fullstack developer

• You have knowledge of Smart contracts, solidity language, C ++ and JS

• Layout designer or audio visual expert

Send us the link of your CV to this E-Mail with the HR code in Subject.